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Cigna is partnering with Hearing Care Solutions to offer you quality hearing care services and expertise from their over 35 years of experience.

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To schedule an appointment, call our toll-free number: (866) 872-1001, 8AM to 8PM Eastern Time, Monday-Friday. A Customer Care Representative will schedule a hearing exam at the location most convenient for you.

Visit the Provider

You will receive a complete annual hearing exam at no charge. At the initial appointment, your provider will perform the hearing evaluation and discuss the results with you.

Experience the Sound

Choose hearing aids that fit your lifestyle and hearing loss. HCS offers multiple levels of technology from up to 9 major manufacturers.

• Comprehensive hearing exam at no charge
• Hearing aid evaluation at no charge
• Fixed, discounted pricing at multiple levels
  of technology
• A wide selection of fully digital instruments
• Choice of up to 9 major manufacturers
• Access to HCS Dr. of Audiology & Product
  Specialists to respond to your questions
• Choice of more than 5,000 locations
Your benefits as a
Cigna member:

The HCS Experience

Hearing aid fitting at no charge

4-year supply of batteries (up to 64 cells per ear, per year)

60-day evaluation period

3-year manufacturer’s warranty including loss, damage & repair

1 year of follow-up care at no charge, with original provider

12-month interest-free financing available to qualified applicants

With more than 35 years of combined
experience in hearing healthcare and
over 5,000 locations nationwide, we
deliver the highest standard of care

Call (866) 872-1001 to schedule an appointment near you

8AM to 8PM Eastern Time, Monday-Friday

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