Our mission is to provide the highest quality of hearing healthcare at the most affordable prices. HCS seeks to bring not only quality and value, but simplicity and transparency to hearing care. 

About HCS

Today more than ever, consumers are seeking to cut costs and achieve greater value. HCS was founded in response to the changing landscape in healthcare for both consumers and managed care plans. Hearing is often a neglected part of healthcare. Hearing loss left untreated hinders communication and ultimately diminishes social interaction and quality of life. The HCS program simplifies hearing care by offering fixed, discounted prices, on digital hearing aids. We offer multiple levels of technology, with one price per level regardless of the brand or model of the hearing instrument. All prices and services are uniform throughout our national network of providers.

The HCS Difference

Fixed Pricing

Our prices are fixed, based on the level of technology, not the style of instrument. You will receive the same pricing, regardless of style, manufacturer or model.

Wide Selection of Hearing Aids

HCS offers fully digital instruments at multiple levels of technology.  We offer the latest in hearing instruments from 9 major manufacturers.

No Hidden Fees

All instruments purchased through HCS include:

  • 3-year warranty, covering loss, damage and repair
  • Supply of batteries
  • 1 year of routine service
  • 60-day evaluation period

Nationwide Coverage

HCS has over 5,000 locations throughout the country.  Our representatives work with you to find the most convenient location for you. All HCS providers are carefully selected and credentialed. HCS adheres  to NCQA guidelines.

Experienced Team

Our executive team has over 35 years combined experience in the hearing healthcare industry. We are dedicated to improving your life through better hearing.

Patient Savings and Satisfaction

Hearing Care Solutions saved our patients an average of over $1,585 per hearing aid in 2020. The HCS program received a 98% satisfaction from patients surveyed.

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