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“I may have hearing loss.”

You are not alone! John Hopkins experts estimate nearly 23 million have untreated hearing loss but, only about one in seven adults who have loss use a hearing aid. Today more than ever, consumers are seeking to cut costs and achieve greater value for their money. HCS was founded in response to the changing landscape in healthcare for both consumers and managed care plans.

Do I have a hearing loss?

“Where can I find an HCS Provider?”

Hearing Care Solutions has a nationwide network of over 2,000 providers throughout the country.  All HCS providers are licensed, credentialed and provide high quality service to our patients.   Contact HCS today to see one of our qualified hearing care professionals.  You may use our online locator to find a provider near you.  You may also call our toll free number to schedule an appointment with the provider most convenient for you.

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“Do you work with my health-plan?”

HCS has been chosen by many managed care plans throughout the country to offer affordable, high quality hearing care to their members, through a simple and transparent process.    If your health plan has partnered with HCS,, you will be entitled to a variety of  and services, which include hearing evaluations at no charge, free batteries, extended warranty, and additional maintenance and care on your chosen device

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