Very Active

Designed for a very active lifestyle. These hearing aids provide excellent performance in a variety of challenging listening environments.

  • Social gatherings

  • Public settings

  • Restaurants

  • Smaller meetings

  • Outdoor activities

  • Quieter entertainment venues

This category includes hearing aids such as:

Phonak Audéo M50

Phonak Audéo B50

Oticon Opn 3

Starkey Livio i2000

Starkey Muse iQ2000

Widex Evoke 330

Widex Beyond 330

Widex Unique 300

Signia Pure Charge&Go 5X

Signia Styletto 5

HCS 510 Li

Resound Linx Quattro 7

Resound Linx 3D 7

The above list is not inclusive of all available hearing aids.