The HCS Program


Insurance Plans

HCS works with most insurance plans. Call 1-866-344-7756 today to find out if we work with your plan!


Scheduling an appointment

To schedule an appointment, call our toll-free number 1-866-344-7756. Our representatives are available Monday through Friday, from 8 AM to 8 PM Eastern Time.


Complete Hearing Exam

HCS offers an annual hearing exam at no charge. The complete exam is administered by a licensed hearing care professional. Co-pay may apply.  Please check with your health plan.


Provider Network

HCS has over 5,000 locations throughout the country. Our representatives work with you to find the most convenient location for you. All HCS providers are carefully selected and credentialed. HCS adheres to all NCQA guidelines.


Patient Education

Prior to the appointment, you will receive an HCS educational guide. The guide will contain valuable information on hearing loss, hearing aids and what to expect at your first appointment. HCS has a Dr. of Audiology and product expert on staff to respond to any questions or provide additional information.


Hearing Aids

Our fully digital hearing instruments start as low as $500. All hearing instruments purchased through HCS include a 3-year comprehensive warranty covering loss, damage, and repair. You will have a choice of all styles, sizes and colors.


Patient Choice

HCS offers multiple levels of technology, from 9 major manufacturers. If the testing indicates the patient is a candidate for hearing aids, they will be offered a choice of multiple levels of technology, at fixed, discounted prices.



HCS offers several financing options, for qualified applicants. Please call 1-877-503-7704 for details.


Follow Up Care 

All patients receive 1-year of routine in-office servicing and follow-up care, with the original provider, at no charge. A member of the HCS Patient Services team will follow up with patient after the appointment, to ensure satisfaction.

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