Starkey is championing integration of health tracking technology into hearing aids with the introduction of Livio AI. Livio is the first line of hearing aids that utilizes integrated sensors and artificial intelligence to track the physical activity and cognitive health of the hearing aid wearer.


“First and foremost, Livio AI is the best performing and best sounding hearing aid we have ever made. We have transformed a single-use device into the world’s first multi-purpose hearing aid, a Healthable with artificial intelligence. Livio AI is so much more than just a hearing aid, it is a gateway to better health and wellness,” President Brandon Sawalich said.


Livio AI also boasts new Hearing Reality technology that reduces noise in loud environments by 50%, significantly reducing listening effort and enhancing speech clarity, while the integrated artificial intelligence optimizes the hearing experience.


Livio AI also introduces integrated language translation, a first in the world of hearing aids. The physical activity tracking is enhanced through the integration with Apple Health and Google Fit apps on iPhones and Android smartphones.


“Artificial intelligence is rapidly changing the world around us,” Starkey Hearing Technologies Chief Technology Officer Dr. Achin Bhowmik said. “This technology optimizes users’ hearing experiences and enables them to continuously monitor and improve their overall health.”