• All orders must be processed through HCS for the member to utilize their benefit
  • All claims will be denied for orders that are not processed through HCS
  • HCS will handle collection of any applicable payment from the member
  • The orders for hearing aids will be processed through HCS
  1. Click the following link for Submit Referral for Out of Network Service: https://providerportal.hearingcaresolutions.com
  2. Complete all fields to enable HCS to verify eligibility information and issue a login to the provider portal
  3. Check your email for login instructions to the provider portal
  4. Proceed to the provider portal to check eligibility and gain access to the list of hearing instruments available
  5. Once you have made your recommendation to the member for hearing instrument(s), place your order in the provider portal
  6. HCS will review the order and will reach out to the member to collect ALL APPLICABLE monies owed by the member for the hearing instrument(s) selected
  7. Upon receipt of applicable payment, HCS will submit authorization to deliver in the provider portal
  • For BTE, RIC and Signia Silk Click instruments: HCS will submit the order directly to the manufacturer, which will be shipped directly to your office for delivery
  • For ALL Custom instruments: HCS will upload the order form back to the provider portal upon authorization and you will be responsible for submitting the order directly to the manufacturer with the custom impressions.  Please do not submit custom instrument orders to the manufacturer until HCS has provided authorization.
  1. Upon receipt of the HCS authorization for delivery and the hearing instrument(s), you may fit the member. Please do not fit the patient without authorization from HCS.
  2. Please fit the patient within 30 days of receipt of the authorization from HCS. If you are unable to fit the patient within 30 days of authorization, please ensure the devices are returned to the manufacturer promptly and communicate the cancellation to HCS.
  3. HCS will also transmit a Delivery Receipt to you shortly after issuing authorization to deliver. This document must be completed, signed and transmitted back to HCS for payment of your provider fee.  Please note this is a required document for payment of your provider fee.
  4. Please also ensure every patient is signing a completed purchase agreement as this is a state mandated document. You may download the HCS purchase agreement in the provider portal if you do not have one readily available. This does not have to be transmitted back to HCS, but it should be provided to the patient and a copy retained by you.
  5. If the member is utilizing financing through Care Credit, you will also need to submit the signed Care Credit sales slip.  HCS will transmit this to you prior to delivery to be signed by the patient. Please note this is a required document (when a patient utilizes Care Credit financing) for payment of your provider fee.
  6. The member has a 60-day evaluation period to exchange or return the instruments.  Please process ALL exchanges and returns through the provider portal.
  7. HCS will ship 1styear battery supply direct to the member following completion of the evaluation period
  8. Please submit the completed Delivery Receipt and Care Credit sales slip (if applicable) to HCS via email or fax.
  9. Payment for services will be remitted to you after completion of the 60-day evaluation period and receipt of all required documentation (delivery receipt and care credit sales slip where applicable)



PROVIDERS THAT WOULD LIKE TO BECOME PART OF THE HCS NETWORK, PLEASE VISIT https://hearingcaresolutions.com/provider-application/, call 303-407-6813 or https://hearingcaresolutions.com/provider-program-information/ to learn more.