Styles Available: ITE, ITC, HS, CIC, IIC

Insio Primax 5

Ultra-discreet. Custom fit. Effortless.

With wireless available down to the tiny IIC, new Insio™ Primax™ ITEs are tailored to the wearer’s ear for a custom fit. Insio also offers CROS/BiCROS in all performance levels. And, with our iScan II, you can quickly scan ear impressions for ITE hearing aids and send the 3D scan immediately for accurate and fast turnaround.

Technical Details

Channels 32
Programs 6
Adaptive Directionality Yes
Auto Program Switching Yes
Bluetooth Capable Yes
Feedback Suppression Yes
FM Integration No
Remote Control Yes
Speech Enhancement Yes
Toggle/Button Control Yes
Transient Impulse Control Yes
Frequency Lowering Yes
Telecoil Yes
Tinnitus Masker Yes
Digital-noise-reduction Yes
Directional Microphone Yes
Direct Audio Input No
Hearing Aid Styles Available ITE, ITC, HS, CIC, IIC

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