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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the member access Hearing Care Solutions?

Dow members, please call: 877–811-6042


To ensure members receive the special Dow pricing, all appointments must be scheduled through HCS.


What is included in the Hearing Care Solutions program?

  • Complete hearing exam at no charge when utilizing an HCS in-network provider
  • Choice of all types and styles of instruments, from up to 9 major manufacturers
  • Multiple levels of technology to choose from
  • Fixed pricing, based on level of technology


Included with the purchase of hearing instruments through HCS:

  • 3-year comprehensive warranty, covering loss, damage and repair
  • 60-day evaluation period
  • 3-year supply of batteries (up to 80 cells per ear, per year)
  • 1-year of routine service, with original provider


How do I know if my plan benefit can be applied?

Benefit application is dependent upon member’s deductible and coinsurance.  If a member utilizes an HCS in-network provider, the price to member per instrument will not exceed HCS discounted pricing:

  • Specialty technology: $1,850 per instrument
  • Premium technology: $1,550 per instrument
  • Advanced technology: $1,150 per instrument
  • Superior technology: $825 per instrument
  • Entry technology: $675 per instrument
  • Basic technology: $500 per instrument


Locating a provider:

HCS has a network of over 4,500 providers.  One of our representatives will locate the nearest provider, based on the member’s address or zip code.  HCS will facilitate the scheduling of the appointment.  


Can members get a list of providers in their area?

Members can find nearby locations by using the provider search option on our website https://www.hearingcaresolutions.com/locations/   Members can input their zip code to locate the provider nearest to them.  Members will only see a map of locations.  The provider’s contact information will not be published.  This will be given to the member when they schedule the appointment with HCS.


Do you have translators available? 

HCS has several Spanish speakers in our Customer Service department. We also utilize a translation service for other languages.


Can members call before January 1st, 2019?

Yes.  Members can call at the beginning of December to schedule a January appointment.


Can Advocates transfer members to HCS?

Yes. Please follow our internal transfer policy.


What to expect from my first appointment:

You will receive a complete hearing exam, at no charge when you utilize an HCS in-network provider.  If you are a candidate for hearing aids, your provider will make the appropriate recommendations, based on test results and lifestyle. 


If I have questions after my appointment, is there someone at HCS that I can call?

HCS has experts on staff, including a Dr. of Audiology.  We also have a Patient Services team that will respond to any questions you may have regarding the HCS program.

Patient Services: patientservices@hearingcaresolutions.com or 866-326-8367


Do you offer hearing aid accessories?

Yes, hearing aid accessories from all the major manufacturers are available for purchase at discounted prices.


Are earmolds covered under my benefit?

No. Members will pay the provider directly for earmolds.  If required, standard earmolds are $60 each and are non-refundable.


If I do not like my hearing aids, can I return them?

Hearing Care Solutions offers a 60-day evaluation period.  If during that time, you are dissatisfied with the hearing aids, you may return or exchange them.  You will receive a full refund, less a restocking fee of $75 per hearing aid, in states where a restocking fee is applicable.    This fee is paid directly to the provider for their time and resources.  There is no restocking fee, if instruments are exchanged. 


If I lose my hearing aids, am I covered? 

HCS offers a 3-year warranty, covering loss, damage and repair.  If you lose your hearing aid during the warranty period, you have a one-time replacement.  A small deductible does apply.  The deductible does not exceed $315 per instrument. 


Can members visit any provider they want for service after purchase?

No. Members must visit their original provider for the 1-year of service, at no charge.  After the 1-year of service has expired, the member can visit any provider they choose.


Will members receive their in-office services at no charge, if their original provider leaves the network?

All participating network providers are contractually obligated to complete the service period for hearing aids dispensed through the HCS program regardless of their network status. If a location closes, HCS will locate another provider and the member will not be charged for servicing within their first year.


Where can a provider find more information on joining the HCS network?

Providers can call 303-407-6862, fill out a contact form at  https://www.hearingcaresolutions.com/provider-program-information/ or email  applications@hearingcaresolutions.com 


Can members visit an out of network provider?

Yes, members may select any provider. There may be a cost-share for hearing exams for members utilizing a non HCS in-network provider.

If a member utilizes an out of network provider, they will not be eligible for:

  • HCS pricing on hearing instruments
  • 1-year of routine service, at no charge
  • 3-year comprehensive warranty
  • 3-year supply of batteries


I purchased hearing aids before I became an Aetna member. Can I use my benefit towards accessories, batteries or repairs? 

Your benefit only applies to the purchase of new hearing instruments.


What do members need to bring to an appointment? 

If possible, members should bring a loved one or a friend to the appointment.  They should also be prepared to show their Aetna ID card.