Designed for a busy lifestyle. These hearing aids provide optimal performance in a wide variety of difficult listening environments.

  • Group functions and social gatherings

  • Public settings

  • Noisy restaurants

  • Meetings

  • Outdoor activities

  • Entertainment venues

This category includes hearing aids such as:

Phonak Paradise 90 / R

Phonak Paradise 70 / R

Phonak Marvel 90 / R

Phonak Marvel 70 / R

Oticon More 1

Oticon More 2

Oticon Opn 1 S

Oticon Opn 2 S

Starkey Livio i2400 AI

Starkey Livio i2400

Starkey Halo i2400

Starkey Muse iQ 2400

Widex Moment 440

Widex Evoke 440

Signia Pure Charge&Go 7X

Signia Styletto 7X

HCS 711 Li

Resound One 9

Resound Linx Quattro 9

The above list is not inclusive of all available hearing aids.