Starkey Muse i1600

Muse i1600

Starkey Muse i1600


Rated For mild to profound hearing loss

Styles Available: CIC, ITC, HS, ITE, BTE, OF, RIC

Channels: 16

Programs: 4

Categories: , .

Product Description

Muse, our most popular hearing aid family ever, continues to help patients hear better so they can live better every single day.

With the improved Acuity OS 2 and accessory enhancements, Muse is even better — offering more ways to increase patient acceptance, personalization, convenience and confidence.

Synergy also incorporates 900sync Technology, our patient preferred wireless technology, delivering a pristine audio experience that is made to aid unilateral loss with our new Muse CROS System as well as improve phone understanding with our new ear-to-ear phone streaming.

Auto program switching: Yes

FM integration: Yes*

Toggle/Button Control: Yes*

Telecoil: Yes*

Directional Microphone: Yes

Charging Accessory: Yes

Bluetooth compatible: Yes

Remote Control: Yes

Transient Impulse Control: Yes

Tinnitus Masker: Yes

Direct Audio Input: Yes*

App: Yes

Adaptive Directionality: Yes

Feedback Suppression: Yes

Speech Enhancement: Yes

Frequency Lowering: Yes

Digital Noise Reduction: Yes


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