Starkey Muse i1000

Muse i2000

Starkey Muse i1000


Rated For mild to profound hearing loss

Styles Available: CIC, ITC, HS, ITE, BTE, OF, RIC

Channels: 10

Programs: 4

Product Description

Muse is Starkey’s most advanced technology that offers supreme sound quality and premium features. Muse is customized to fit your unique hearing needs and enhance your listening experience.

Auto program switching: Yes

FM integration: Yes*

Toggle/Button Control: Yes*

Telecoil: Yes*

Directional Microphone: Yes

Charging Accessory: No

Bluetooth compatible: Yes

Remote Control: Yes

Transient Impulse Control: Yes

Tinnitus Masker: Yes

Direct Audio Input: Yes*

App: Yes

Adaptive Directionality: Yes

Feedback Suppression: Yes

Speech Enhancement: Yes

Frequency Lowering: Yes

Digital Noise Reduction: Yes


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