ReSound Enzo² 7


ReSound Enzo² 7


Rated for severe to profound loss

Styles Available: BTE, POWER BTE

Channels: 17

Programs: 6

Product Description

Your direct connection to people, places and experiences. ReSound ENZO is the only super power Made for iPhone hearing aid, which means you can stream stereo sound directly to your hearing aids with no intermediary device, just as if you were wearing wireless headphones. You can easily and intuitively access voice calls, FaceTime, music, movies, spoken directions, information and everything else that your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch have to offer.

Personalize and control your sound.The ReSound Smart app gives you smart new ways to personalize your hearing experience.

A range of functions can be simply and discreetly controlled via your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. These include fine-tuning the bass and treble for specific hearing environments, adjusting the volume of your hearing aid microphone with the swipe of a finger, tagging your preferences using the GPS function and even finding your ReSound ENZO hearing aids if you misplace them.

Technical Details:

• Adaptive Directionality: YES

• Auto Program Switching: YES

• Bluetooth Compatible: YES*

• Feedback Suppression: YES

• FM Integration: YES

• Remote Control: YES

• Speech Enhancement: YES

• Toggle/Button Control: YES

• Transient Impulse Control: YES

• Frequency Lowering: NO

• Telecoil: YES*

• Tinnitus Masker: NO

• Digital Noise Reduction: YES

• Directional Microphone: YES

• Direct Audio Input: YES

*Only available on some models