Oticon Dynamo 8

Oticon dynamo

Oticon Dynamo 8


Rated for mild to severe loss

Styles Available: Power BTE

Channels: 8

Programs: 4

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Product Description

If you are very hard of hearing, you know all too well there’s a long way from hearing sounds to making sense of them. Even with a powerful hearing aid, critical high frequency sounds are often lost, making it hard to catch the meaning. Developed for people with severe to profound hearing loss, Oticon Dynamo hearing aids fill in the missing speech details so that you understand more and can stay in the conversation.


 Technical Details:


• Adaptive Directionality: YES

• Auto Program Switching: YES

• Bluetooth Compatible: YES*

• Feedback Suppression: YES

• FM Integration: YES*

• Remote Control: YES*

• Speech Enhancement: YES

• Toggle/Button Control: YES

• Transient Impulse Control: YES

• Frequency Lowering: YES

• Telecoil: YES*

• Tinnitus Masker: NO

• Digital Noise Reduction: YES

• Directional Microphone: YES*

• Direct Audio Input: YES*

*Only available on some models