Oticon Nera2 Pro


Oticon Nera2 Pro


Rated for mild to severe loss

Styles Available: BTE, CIC,  ITC, OF, RIC, IIC

Channels: 8

Programs: 4

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Product Description

Nera is Oticon’s most advanced mid-level hearing device ever. It features a state-of-the-art sound processing architecture that is engineered exclusively for you and your unique hearing requirements.


Technical Details:


• Adaptive Directionality: YES

• Auto Program Switching: YES

• Bluetooth Compatible: YES*

• Feedback Suppression: YES

• FM Integration: YES*

• Remote Control: YES*

• Speech Enhancement: NO

• Toggle/Button Control: YES*

• Transient Impulse Control: YES

• Frequency Lowering: YES

• Telecoil: YES*

• Tinnitus Masker: NO

• Digital Noise Reduction: YES

• Directional Microphone: YES*

• Direct Audio Input: YES*

*Only available on some models