Oticon Alta2

Oticon-Alta - Copy

Oticon Alta2


Rated for mild to severe loss

Styles Available: BTE, O-F, RIC, ITE, ITC, CIC

Channels: 10

Programs: 4

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Product Description

Welcome to Alta, the premium hearing solution family from Oticon. Alta is built on Oticon’s most advanced technology, and it delivers Oticon’s finest listening performance. A range of breakthrough features combine to give you enhanced sound quality and reduce the effort required to listen and understand. In short, Alta is Oticon’s best listening experience ever.



Technical Details:

• Adaptive Directionality: YES

• Auto Program Switching: YES

• Bluetooth Compatible: YES*

• Feedback Suppression: YES

• FM Integration: YES*

• Remote Control: YES*

• Speech Enhancement: YES

• Toggle/Button Control: YES*

• Transient Impulse Control: YES

• Frequency Lowering: NO

• Telecoil: YES*

• Tinnitus Masker: NO

• Digital Noise Reduction: YES

• Directional Microphone: YES*

• Direct Audio Input: YES*

*Only available on some models