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It's more than a mission statement. It's who we are.

From the health plan to the member, every part of our experience is tied to our four principles: quality, affordability, transparency and simplicity. We believe that the hearing healthcare industry needed a change - one that focuses on quality, service, and the member. Learn how we make hearing healthcare not only simple, but affordable for you as well as your members.

When you work with Hearing Care Solutions, we will design a custom program for your members that best suits their needs as well as yours. Hearing healthcare should be simple and transparent from start to finish. Working with HCS will ensure that you're providing your members with the highest quality in hearing healthcare.

What are the benefits of Hearing Care Solutions for health plans?

In 2016, health plan members saved an average of $1,986 per hearing aid.

HCS works with both national and regional plans. We will work with you to design a program that will meet the needs of both you and your members.

What benefits will your members have with Hearing Care Solutions?

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